• Trendy Nails Ideas for 2013

    Date: 2013.03.07 | Category: Nails | Tags: ,,,,,

    When it comes to trendy nails for 2013 I am all over the newest and hottest looks. This year the nail trends seem to be all across the board with not-so-boring neutrals and nudes on one end, and dark vampy glitters on the other.

    Animal Print Trendy Nails

    Leopard print trendy nails

    Leopard print in metallic gold.

    colorful leopard trendy nails

    Leopards can change their spots! Try a bold and colorful leopard print for extra fun.

    Animal print trendy nails

    There are many different animal prints, stripes and patterns to choose from.

    The obvious leopard has been popping up on the trendy nails scene like crazy, but we are also seeing a lot more zebra stripes and giraffe patterns too. It also seems like reptile skin is becoming more popular as well.

    The animal prints are steering away from traditional colors and moving towards bold shades. Try a metallic base like gold, silver or copper and apply the spots, stripes or patterns in a contrasting color for a new take on this trendy look.

    Flower Trendy Nails

    Glitter Flower trendy nails 2013

    Translucent crystal nail tips layered with peach flowers and greenery.

    Peach trendy nails with glitter and flowers

    Creamy peach is a great background for glittery dust and flower silhouettes.

    Flower french tip trendy nails

    Nude nails can be jazzed up with pink glitter tips with black flowers layered over it.

    This spring and summer flowers will bloom! Flowers and floral designs are making a big comeback this year with some truly exotic designs. You will see flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes on short, long, square, round and pointy shaped nails.

    Nudes will always be a favorite for nail art designs. However it’s perfectly fine to mix things up with pastels and dark vampy colors too. Peach fuzz, lavender, baby pink and powder blue are going to be big and there are tons of great shades out there to choose from. Another trend is glittery nails and nail tips. This is a glam look on its own but many are taking it to the next level by layering contrasting flowers over it.

    Nude Trendy Nails

    nude trendy nails with rhinestones

    Perfect for a wedding or elegant occasion.

    Nude trendy nails black floral

    For a little something extra, add a delicate and feminine floral design.

    Nude trendy nails black drips

    Spice up a boring nude with black zombie drips!

    Nude nails will always be in style because they look great on everyone and compliment any outfit. For a small upgrade on the natural nude look apply a nude, light pink, pale gold or crystal glitter nail polish to just the tips. Don’t worry about the perfect smile line because today’s look is shabby chic.

    For an edgier nude, draw dots, lines, stripes or patterns at the tips in either a contrasting color or black. Designs don’t need to match each other, place them in different positions on different nails for more interest. Add designs to one side of the nail, near the cuticle instead of the tips, or diagonally across the nail.