• Trendy Hairstyles: Punk Chic, A New Take on an Old Favorite

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    When it comes to trendy hairstyles for 2013, Punk Chic is definitely hot on the scene. It’s a new take on the grunge look from the 90’s with strands of wet-looking hair woven between regular hair strands. However, instead of pairing this hairstyle with the classic grunge apparel, this time it’s worn with feminine pastels to put emphasis on the tension between the contrasting style elements.Trendy Hairstyles

    Punk Chic Trendy Hairstyles and How to Get the Look:

    Slick some high-gloss gel through your front and side hair with your fingers. Make sure to only stay in the front and sides; do not run the gel through the hair in the back. Sleek your side hair back and secure it underneath the hair in the back. You can pin the side underneath in the middle of your head or high up near the crown. The idea is to create fullness on top that resembles a Mohawk. Comb your front hair back and secure with hidden bobby pins. Dab a little gel onto your fingertips to accent a few strands of your long hair.  For more of a contrast, braid your hair first to create waves and fullness. Heats set the waves with a warm blow-dryer and allow your hair to cool before unbraiding and applying gel.

    Because trendy hairstyles change constantly, this is a great way to keep up with the trend without having to make a commitment to more drastic trendy hairstyles. Of course, if you’re a dramatic person then you may want to shave your hair off on the sides and use egg whites to spike it up. You can easily create excitement and pump up the punk look with colored hair chalk.

    Colored hair chalk comes in many different colors and is temporary so if you don’t like it you can just wash it out. Try using several different colors in long streaks or just a the ends. Stay Beautiful!

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