• Trendy Hair Color for 2013

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    The trendy hair color for 2013 has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for trendy hair color for short, medium or long hair, there’s a perfect shade that’s sure to bring out the trend in you.

    Blonde Trendy Hair Color

    blonde trendy hair

     blonde trendy hair

    blonde trendy hair

    Short Hair: Go for a frosty platinum blond. Short hair stands up to the blondest of blondes better than longer styles.

    Medium Hair: Try a natural pale buttery tone threaded with tiny flashes of platinum woven throughout. Think butter yellow with tiny pale buttery platinum strands place throughout your hair. This looks especially fantastic on layered hair because the lighter strands will move and catch the eye.

    Long Hair: Start with an ash blond base that is close to your natural hair color and add lighter highlights through the ends and around the top. Don’t start the highlights at the roots but a little further down.

    Brunette Trendy Hair Color

    brunette trendy hair Brunette Trendy Hair

    brunette trendy hair


    Short Hair: Try a sprinkling of honey or colored highlights to jazz-up a short hairstyle. Short hair is great for experimenting and allows you to wear bolder styles that are easy to maintain. Bright colored highlights around the face are ultra-glam on shorter hairstyles.

    Medium Hair: To perk up flat brown hair, weave in thin ribbons of caramel highlights from mid-shaft down. Choose a highlight color that is 2 shades lighter than your base color. The idea is to add a little warmth with ¼ inch wide “ribbons” of highlights. Stay away from large chunks of color, the trendy hair color for 2013 is more low-key.

    Long Hair: Any brunette can easily add glam to their locks with bleach blonde tips. Choose a shade of blonde that matches the undertone of your base brunette color and highlight just the last few inches of your hair. This helps to hide split-ends and is easy to maintain.

    Red Trendy Hair Color red trendy hairred trendy hair red trendy hair

    Short Hair: Go for a strawberry blonde flecked with gold highlights. Light strawberry blondes should play up the golden blonde and add small hints of highlights throughout.

    Medium Hair: Marigold is a fabulous color for the ombré look. Choose a color that is 2 or 3 shades lighter than your base color and start it half-way down your hair. The ends should be the lightest and fade up to your red base color.

    Long Hair: A red glaze will give your hair color a boost while strawberry blonde or lighter shades of red around your face will give you a youthful glow. Just highlight tiny strands around your face and the very tips of your hair to brighten your look.




  • Eye Makeup Trends, Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeshadow

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    One of the hottest eye makeup trends is shimmery eyeshadow. Instead of running out and buying a ton of new stuff to satisfy the latest eye makeup trends, check out Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips line. The colors are amazing and there are plenty to choose from in the right shade for your eye color.

    Eyeshadow Makeup Trends

    Physicians Formula has 7 different collections of shimmer strips eyeshadow. Whatever the look or the style, they have everything from natural to bold glam for every eye color.

    eye makeup trends

    Classic Nude Eyes

    Each shimmer strips eye shadow palette contains 9 different custom shades for enhancing, contouring and lining your eyes.

    Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner Nude Collection. A trendy modern look for the classic nude eye.

    • Natural Nude Eyes – Almost naked shades with natural radiance.
    • Smoky Nude Eyes – Neutral, metallic shades that are delicate and sultry.
    • Classic Nude Eyes – Modern, gray-beige shades with a classic, cool charm.
    • Warm Nude Eyes – Rich, earth tones with a glow of warmth.

    Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner, Universal Looks.

    eye makeup trends

    Eye Enhancing Universal Looks.

    Trendy classic eye looks for any eye color.

    • Smoky Eyes – Sultry and smoldering shades
    • Nude Eyes – Naked and neutral shades for modern nude eyes
    • Fashionista Eyes – Ultra-glam bold shades for runway-ready eyes.
    • Casual Eyes – Designer denim shades for modern classic eyes.

    Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner, Eye Candy Collection. From soft to bright and cool to warm to enhance your eye color.

    • Brown Eyes are enhanced with a palette of browns and rich lavender.
    • Blue Eyes are enhanced with a palette of blues and mango.
    • Green Eyes are enhanced with a palette of bluish purples and damp gold.

      eye makeup trends shimmer strips

      Shimmer Strips Eye Candy for Green eyes.

    • Hazel Eyes are enhanced with a palette of grayish browns and lilac.

    Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner, Pop Collection. Play up your natural eye color with a glam pop of color.

    • Brown Eyes – browns, peaches and muted lavenders.
    • Blue Eyes – blues, browns and apricots.
    • Green Eyes – greens, aquas and purples.
    • Hazel Eyes – roses, golds and dusty purples.

    Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner, Smoky Collection. A modern twist on the classic smoky eye to give you drama while enhancing your natural beauty.

    • Brown Eyes – Heavy silvers, dusty browns and casual lavenders.
    • Blue Eyes – Heavy grays, blues and antique gold.
    • Green Eyes – Silvers, slates and pale dusty purple.
    • Hazel Eyes – Concrete, mauve and shells.

    Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner, Bronze Collection. The ultimate summer eye for hot days and warm nights.

    • Brown Eyes – Cozy mocha, sandy beaches and refined violets.
    • Blue Eyes – Earthy blues, topaz and warm shell.
    • Green Eyes – Tans, silvery-blues and palest lilac.
    • Hazel Eyes – Chocolates, softest rose and milkshake.

    Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner. Enhance your eye color with three customized trios of color, which contour and line your eyes for illuminating, high impact.

    • Brown Eyes – Mellow purples and gentle browns
    • Blue Eyes – Subtle apricots and soft blues
    • Green Eyes – Indulgent tans, delicate greens and faint lavenders
    • Hazel Eyes – Quiet roses, tender petals and mild mocha
  • 10 Easy Beauty Makeup Tips

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    For those of you who love makeup tips we have put together 10 easy ones that anyone can do.

    Eye Makeup Tipseye makeup tips

    1. Using burgundy or navy mascara instead of ordinary black or brown is a great way to accentuate your natural eye color. Try something new this year by swapping out your regular mascara for one with a little kick to it. Brown eyes look great in plums, purples, navy blue and silver. Blue eyes should go for a copper, cobalt blue or orange. If you’re a green-eyed gal then try burgundy, teal or gold. The luckiest of all are those of you with hazel eyes because they can wear almost any color. Almay makes a line of fabulous mascaras for different eye colors.
    2. To avoid mascara smudges, hold a plastic spoon under your upper and lower lashes while you apply your mascara. You can also use any flat piece of card as a backdrop. This is also great for applying mascara to the tops of your upper eyelashes.eye makeup tips
    3. For smooth and even eyeliner, draw small dots along your upper lash line close to the eyelashes, and then connect the dots together. You can also try first lining your lash line with a pencil eyeliner, then go over it with a liquid eyeliner. Physician’s Formula make a line of eye enhancers called Shimmer Strips. They have matching eyeshadow, pencil eyeliner and liquid eyeliner with shimmer to them.
    4. The secret to long and lush eyelashes is to use two different types and colors of mascara. Start with dark brown thickening mascara and apply two coats to your eyelashes. Then apply rich black lengthening mascara just to the tips of your eyelashes. This will create fullness at the base while giving the appearance of length and definition.

    Lip Makeup Tipslip makeup tips

    1. Dark, matte lipsticks make lips look small and accentuate any imperfections. As you get older your lipstick should get lighter. Opt for pink gloss because the brighter, softer color makes your lips appear fuller, younger and smoother.
    2. You can make your lips appear fuller by applying a soft highlight to the cupid’s bow of your lip. Use a small eyeliner brush to lightly apply the highlighter or concealer just at the very top edge of your lips. This will pull your top lip forward and give the appearance of fullness.
    3. Long lasting lip color starts with smooth hydrated lips and a good quality lip stain. Next apply lipstick with a small lip brush, making sure to spread the color evenly. Then add a light coat of translucent powder to set the color. Finally, apply a gloss or lip balm to bring out the color and add shine.

    Face Makeup Tipsface makeup tips

    1. Dab a little concealer on the inner and outer corners of your eyes, the outer sides of your nostrils, and on either end of the lips to give your face an instant lift.
    2. Anything that is lighter than your skin tone will make that area more prominent, while anything darker than your skin tone will make that area recede.
    3. Use blotting papers to absorb oil and remove shine from your face. Don’t apply more face powder or you’ll end up with a thick, cake-like mess. If you don’t have blotting papers on hand try using a square of toilet paper or a brown paper napkin instead.

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  • Fake Blood Recipes for Special Effects Makeup

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    When it comes to special effects makeup, fake blood ranks right there at the top of the list. Just think about it, what would a bullet hole wound, deep gash, burn, cut or missing limb look like without fake blood? The effect wouldn’t be special at all without it.fake blood special effects makeup

    Fake Blood Special Effects Makeup Recipe #1

    1 ¾ Cups Corn Syrup (Light)

    ¼ Cup Water

    Red, Blue Food Coloring

    ¼ Cup Flour (Sifted)

    First mix the corn syrup with the water. Next, add 100 drops red and 8 drops blue food coloring. Shake the mixture until the food coloring is evenly distributed. Finally, add the sifted flour a little at a time and blend thoroughly so there are no lumps and the consistency is even.

    Fake Blood Special Effects Makeup Recipe #2

    ½ Bottle Corn Syrup (Light)


    1 tsp. Liquid Dish Soap (Dawn is gentle to the skin)

    Red, Blue, Green Food Coloring

    Start by combining the water to the corn syrup in a small bowl. Add the water one teaspoon at a time until it is thick and sticky but flows nicely. Next, add the red food coloring a few drops at a time until you have the shade of bright red blood. If you want dark vein or dried blood, add the blue and green food coloring one drop at a time until it’s the shade that you want.

    Fake Blood Special Effects Makeup Recipe #3

    1 Tbsp. Cocoa Powder

    1/2 Cup Water

    4 Tbsp. Corn Syrup

    1 Tsp. Red Food Coloring

    2 Drops Green Food Coloring

    Place the cocoa powder in a bowl and slowly add the water until it is well mixed together. Now add the corn syrup 1 tablespoon at a time into the cocoa and water mix until you have something that is thicker than water but easily drips. Next add the red food coloring and then the green food coloring to the syrup mix. Add the green food coloring one drop at a time until you have a deep brown-red color. If you want your fake blood to be darker then add green food coloring a little at a time. Finally, mix well and let it settle for a few minutes before using.






  • Easy Bruise, Old Person, and Bullet Wound Special Effects Makeup How To

    Date: 2013.03.14 | Category: Skin, Uncategorized | Response: 1

    Special effects makeup doesn’t have to be terribly difficult or complicated to look realistic. Here are 3 great special effects makeup creations that you can easily do.

    Bloody Special Effects Makeup

    Bruise Special Effects Makeup

    Start with a clean and dry area of skin and apply either theatrical nose putty or scar wax to the area. Use an amount that is suitable for the size of the swollen bruise. When forming the shape of the bruise do not overwork the putty or wax. Blend the edges of the bruise well, so there is no visible line. Apply different shades of make-up over it to hide the putty or wax. Once you have the base color or colors, add details to your bruise to make it look more realistic.

    Old Person Special Effects Makeupspecial effects makeup

    First apply foundation makeup in one or two pasty colors. Next use a makeup pencil or fine makeup brush to draw lines on the face to look like deep wrinkles. Draw crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes, crease marks from the bottom of the nose along the sides of the mouth and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. You can also add vertical worry lines between your eyebrows. Now use a small or medium makeup sponge with gray cream makeup to create stubble and tan or brown cream makeup for liver spots. Place liver spots on both the face and hands for a more realistic look. Add more small lines next to the original ones to perfect the old person look.

    Bullet Wound Special Effects Makeupspecial effects makeup

    Begin by cleaning the area of skin where you want the bullet hole wound. Use spirit gum, latex glue or clear eyelash glue and apply an amount that is about the size of a nickel to your skin. Take a cotton ball and tear it in half, then tear it in half again. Apply one small piece if cotton to the glue in a flat circle shape. Thin the center of the cotton so it looks like there’s a small rimmed edge around the circle.

    With a good quality makeup brush, coat the edges of the cotton with the glue.  Work the spirit gum or glue into the cotton and blend it into your skin. Wait until the glue or gum almost completely dry before applying any makeup.

    Create the “hole” by applying black eye shadow in the center of the cotton and reapply if it isn’t black enough. Use a small brush to apply foundation that matches your skin tone around the edges of the wound to blend it with your skin. Take a red-brown shade of eyeshadow and brush onto the cotton around the edges of the black center circle. Use a small natural sponge to dab small amounts in the areas just outside of the bullet hole wound itself. This is meant to look like tiny blood splatters. Finally, use a makeup brush to apply fake blood to your bullet hole and allow it to drip down for a truly realistic look.

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  • Blue Trendy Eye Makeup 2013

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    Blue is definitely the trendy eye makeup color of the year. All shades and hues of blue are popping up on eyelids everywhere. Cobalt blue is in first place because it looks great on almost anyone. Teal and aqua shades are a close second and after that we have powder blue, sapphire, sky blue and periwinkle.Trendy Eye Makeup Blue Eyeliner

    How to Wear Blue Trendy Eye Makeup

    Line your lower inner rim (waterline) with blue waterproof gel pencil for a pop of color on a neutral eye. Use nudes or light browns and bronzes on your eyelid and brown/black mascara.

    Swap out black for blue when creating a smoky eye look. Go for a cobalt or navy color on your eyelids and a darker matching shade for your eyeliner. Apply black mascara or add a little interest with shimmery gold mascara.trendy eye makeup

    Another trendy eye makeup look is  a modern take on a retro style.  First, thinly line your upper lash line in a bright turquoise or teal color.  Draw the outer corner out into a slight wing to create a cat eye look. Wear dark brown eyeshadow for a mysterious yet adventurous look. Try a pale shimmery gold for a brighter and more youthful look.

    If you’re going for a flirty look use a cream eyeshadow in a pale bold color like light turquoise, ocean, sky blue or cool water. Apply the cream shadow you’re your lash line up to the crease. Blend well with a sponge, makeup brush or your finger. Use a gel liner in a darker shade of the same color and line both your upper and lower lash lines. Line your lower lashes from the outer corner to the middle of your eye. Gently smudge the eyeliner for a softer look. Take white eyeliner and line your lower inner rim to brighter your eye. Top with brown mascara to keep the look subtle.trendy eye makeup

    Start with a nude or neutral eye and line upper and lower lashes with rich black eyeliner. Apply bright blue colored eyeliner on your lower and upper inner rims. For your upper eyelid use a hand mirror and gently lift your eyelashes up to apply the eyeliner. This look can also be done on a smoky dark gray or charcoal eye.

    If you are someone who is all about the trendy eye makeup then this over-the-top look is for you. Begin with a matte nude eyeshadow and apply up to the brow bone. Now apply bright blue metallic eyeshadow to the crease of the upper lid. Cream shadows work best but you can also apply the eyeshadow wet for richer color. Center the color above your pupil. Don’t apply the shadow all of the way to the outer edge or inner corner. The shadow should resemble a stripe with very little blending or smudging. You can line your lower inner rim with a matching color for a little more pop. Finally, apply black or blue mascara to finish the look.trendy eye makeup

    This year’s blue trendy eye makeup looks aren’t limited to just eyeshadows, eyeliners or mascara. It’s a combination of them and also how and where you place the blue eye makeup that counts. So, wearing trendy eye makeup is really up to you and what you like. The trendiest of blue trendy eye makeup all begins with you setting the trend! Stay Beautiful!


  • Trendy Eyeliner for a Natural, Smoky or Cat Eye Look

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    Eyeliner is one of the simplest ways to change up your look without spending a fortune. With a few different eyeliners you can easily create a soft natural eye or something really bold and dramatic.Trendy Eyeliner Makeup

    Natural Eyeliner

    Natural eyeliner is a great look for the office, a day at the beach or just running errands. For a traditional look, use a soft brown eyeliner pencil to apply liner along your upper lash line. Draw the line with short gentle strokes close to your eyelashes. Gently smudge with a cotton swab or smudger. Finish with a coat of brown or brown/black mascara.

    Smoky Eyeliner

    Smoky eyeliner is a makeup trend that is here to stay but today’s look focuses more on color and less on the classic black. Begin with a chunky eyeliner pencil in navy blue, rich brown, royal purple, dark green or deep gray for a dark smoky look. Choose copper, cobalt blue, lavender, teal green or white for a more colorful take on the smoky eye. Now, draw a line along your upper lash line beginning with a thin line at the inner corner and thickening it as you get to the outer corners. Next, line your bottom lash line from corner to corner in the same way. Gently smudge the lines upward onto your eyelid. For the most drama, line the lower inner rim of your eyes. Finally, apply several coats of black mascara on curled eyelashes to complete the look.

    Cat Eyeliner

    A true classic, the cat eye look adds instant glamour. Start with black, navy, charcoal, plum or emerald liquid eyeliner and draw a clearly defined line as close as possible to your upper eyelashes. Begin with a thin line at the inner corners and increase the pressure and thickness as you reach the outer corners. When you reach the outer corner, extend the eyeliner past it and lift it slightly in a gentle curve. The farther out you extend the line, the more dramatic your look will be. Top your eyelashes with mascara in black or a matching color.

    Let us know what your favorite eyeliner look is.

  • Natural Beautiful Hair

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    Natural beautiful hair can be hard to come by in this world of styling products. Today’s styles demand a lot from our hair and this can be drying and damaging. However, there are a few ways to combat negative effects on your tresses.natural hair care

    Natural Beautiful Hair Recipes

    Coconut oil is great for balancing and hydrating. It works great for dry scalp and hair without leaving it heavy and greasy. For dry itchy scalp rub the oil into your scalp and leave on for 10 minutes before washing. To smooth frizz, rub a small amount into your palms and lightly apply to frizz. Brush to distribute the coconut oil evenly.

    Coffee is terrific as a natural brunette enhancer. Just pour a cup of old coffee over your locks as a rinse after shampooing and conditioning. Leave the coffee on for one minute and rinse with cool water. Sealing your hair after the rinse helps to bring out shine and to smooth fly-aways. If used daily or every other day, coffee will help to hide gray.

    Lemon juice is perfect for giving natural blondes gorgeous highlights. Make a mix of half lemon juice and half water. Use a spray bottle to spritz your hair before going out into the sun. Natural highlights will appear in a few hours.

    Rosewater and glycerin makes for a great styling lotion. It nourishes hair while adding shine and fragrance. Apply to your hair before styling for long lasting all day hold.

    Plain yogurt helps to remove build up and moisturize your hair. Apply a 1/2 cup of plain yogurt into damp hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Then first rinse with warm water, then cool water. Shampoo and condition hair as you normally would.

    Honey is very good for repairing dry and brittle hair. Massage 1/2 cup honey into clean, damp hair. Be sure to apply it evenly and leave on for 20 minutes. Then rinse well with warm water.



  • Trendy Nails Ideas for 2013

    Date: 2013.03.07 | Category: Nails | Response: 0

    When it comes to trendy nails for 2013 I am all over the newest and hottest looks. This year the nail trends seem to be all across the board with not-so-boring neutrals and nudes on one end, and dark vampy glitters on the other.

    Animal Print Trendy Nails

    Leopard print trendy nails

    Leopard print in metallic gold.

    colorful leopard trendy nails

    Leopards can change their spots! Try a bold and colorful leopard print for extra fun.

    Animal print trendy nails

    There are many different animal prints, stripes and patterns to choose from.

    The obvious leopard has been popping up on the trendy nails scene like crazy, but we are also seeing a lot more zebra stripes and giraffe patterns too. It also seems like reptile skin is becoming more popular as well.

    The animal prints are steering away from traditional colors and moving towards bold shades. Try a metallic base like gold, silver or copper and apply the spots, stripes or patterns in a contrasting color for a new take on this trendy look.

    Flower Trendy Nails

    Glitter Flower trendy nails 2013

    Translucent crystal nail tips layered with peach flowers and greenery.

    Peach trendy nails with glitter and flowers

    Creamy peach is a great background for glittery dust and flower silhouettes.

    Flower french tip trendy nails

    Nude nails can be jazzed up with pink glitter tips with black flowers layered over it.

    This spring and summer flowers will bloom! Flowers and floral designs are making a big comeback this year with some truly exotic designs. You will see flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes on short, long, square, round and pointy shaped nails.

    Nudes will always be a favorite for nail art designs. However it’s perfectly fine to mix things up with pastels and dark vampy colors too. Peach fuzz, lavender, baby pink and powder blue are going to be big and there are tons of great shades out there to choose from. Another trend is glittery nails and nail tips. This is a glam look on its own but many are taking it to the next level by layering contrasting flowers over it.

    Nude Trendy Nails

    nude trendy nails with rhinestones

    Perfect for a wedding or elegant occasion.

    Nude trendy nails black floral

    For a little something extra, add a delicate and feminine floral design.

    Nude trendy nails black drips

    Spice up a boring nude with black zombie drips!

    Nude nails will always be in style because they look great on everyone and compliment any outfit. For a small upgrade on the natural nude look apply a nude, light pink, pale gold or crystal glitter nail polish to just the tips. Don’t worry about the perfect smile line because today’s look is shabby chic.

    For an edgier nude, draw dots, lines, stripes or patterns at the tips in either a contrasting color or black. Designs don’t need to match each other, place them in different positions on different nails for more interest. Add designs to one side of the nail, near the cuticle instead of the tips, or diagonally across the nail.

  • Hair Trends for 2013

    Date: 2013.03.05 | Category: Hair | Response: 0

    The hair trends for 2013 pretty much cover all of the bases from short to long, natural to unnatural and more. No matter what your hair color or style, there is a hair trend for you.

    Ombre pastel pink hair trends

    Pastel Hair Color Trends

    Bold pastels are hitting the scene hard this year. The small highlights around the face or underneath will be making a big appearance, especially for those who have professional jobs. However, that isn’t the end of the unnatural hair color trend. You will definitely be seeing many women with full-blown pastel locks.

    • Pale lime green and baby chick yellow look fabulous on very fair skin with a pink undertone.
    • Lavender and pastel pink are gorgeous on fair skin with a yellow undertone.
    • Powder blue and soft violet empowering for those with caramel skin and an orange undertone.
    • Peach and sunny yellow are stunning on dark skin with cool undertones.
    • Braid Hair Trend

      Gorgeous single braid with the dark lipstick trend and neutral eye.

    Braid Hair Trends

    Braids are the hottest thing for this spring and summer seasons. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles from small braids to big braids.  Choose a simple and sleek braid or a more casual and complicated one.

    • Try a loose, wavy, single side-swept braid for an easy flirty and fun look.
    • The Heidi braid is great for BBQ’s, walks in the park, Easter celebrations, garden parties or cooking an elaborate meal. Simply split your hair down the middle and braid each side upward. Cross the braids like a headband and pin in place.
    • A double French braid can easily be worn several ways. Part your hair into two sections. You can create a middle, side or diagonal part with the same or different amounts of hair in each section. The idea is to create a style that is unique to you. Follow your natural hair patterns like where your hair naturally parts or if it parts in more than one place. Braid each section individually and leave the bottom hanging down or blend the two into one single braid. If you prefer an up-do, then wrap your braids around or on your head and pin them in place.

    For more ideas on braids check out our blog braided headband.

    Gray and Silver Hair Trendsgray hair trend

    Really? Gray hair is a trend? Really! Gray and silver are popping up everywhere. It’s no longer a despised hair color that we desperately try to cover up as comes in. Gray and silver hair is now a hot choice among men and women of all ages. You will see plenty of women in their 20’s sporting gleaming silvery tresses for the next few years to come. And plenty of mature women will be proudly displaying their gray instead of hiding it.

    • Natural light blondes or grays look great with a light to medium silver shade.
    • Gray and silver hair looks best short or shoulder length. For those with long hair, try braiding an up-do or a trendy ballerina bun.
    • If your hair is thin go for a matte medium gray to give the appearance of fullness.
    • Try a gray ombré for a younger trendier look. Start with either a light or dark shade at the roots and go the opposite direction for the ends.

    Beach Waves Hair Trendsbeach waves hair trends

    Beach waves are perfect for those with hair past their shoulders and prefer a natural look. Long soft locks that flow effortlessly are the look for spring and summer nights. To get carefree beachy waves first spritz your hair with a flexible hold hairspray from the middle of your hair down to the ends. Apply pomade, frizz serum or glosser serum to the ends of your hair only and roll loosely around 4 large rollers. Roll each side, the front and crown and the back in separate rollers. Do not roll them tightly up to your scalp or you will end up with small, uneven, spirally curls. Gently blast your rollers with a blow dryer and allow them to completely cool. Take out your rollers and comb through your hair with your fingers to separate the curls into soft waves.


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